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HPUBC0098 – Evans, Charles

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  • Congressional Redistricting Plan
  • 2 Districts
  • Complete: 475,047 unassigned census blocks
  • Contiguous: These districts contain holes and noncontiguous points
  • Direct Impacts: Miami Dade and Broward counties
  • Submitted to the Florida House of Representatives
  • Submitted by Charles Evans of Broward County

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  1. Staff note that the plan author provided the following comments:

    “Herewith file m-d21.kmz an approach for a US HofR District formed from the excess population over 5 districts in the two counties, 3 in M-D and 2 in Broward.

    The additional excess population of Broward county is given over to PalmBeach County. Note the respect for the County Lines. My reason for submitting this district is to prevent boundary crossing of the district in which I live. Miami Lakes has been included according to the Mayor’s request in hearings. Century Village has been excluded as unlike the rest. The Hollywood Seminole reservation is attached by going up the median of the Turnpike. I seem to have drawn a Yuppie-Hispanic district, removed from Little Havana, and Hialeah, from which such persons might have yuppied up. An approach to two districts contained entirely within Broward County will be sent later.”

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