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HPUBC0111 – Weinbaum, Michael

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  • Congressional Redistricting Plan
  • 27 Districts
  • Complete: YES
  • Contiguous: YES
  • Direct Impacts: Statewide
  • Submitted to the Florida House of Representatives
  • Submitted by Michael Weinbaum of Hillsborough County

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  1. Staff note that the plan author provided the following comments:

    “This plan is a revision to Plan 110 which makes it so the core of the Metro Orlando area, Orange and Osceola counties, no longer shares districts with Polk County, which belongs more to the Tampa area. Only districts 5, 6, 7, 9, and 12 have changed. 5, 9, and 12 now ‘radiate’ off of district 11. This may be more compact than the way it was before. It is probably better for Celebration to share its representative with Apopka and Clermont than it is to have them sharing with Lakeland.”

  2. Since submitting this plan I’ve learned more about what ‘not diminishing their ability’ means and how it has precedence over compactness even when the existing district was not compact or majority-minority. My estimation that today’s district 3, which today is 47.3% black, has a 97% chance of electing the candidate preferred by the black people in that district. I have deleted this district and replaced it with a ‘blackish’ district in the Jacksonville area and another in the Orlando area. The chance that, between these two districts, ‘at least one’ candidate preferred by the black community would be elected is by my estimation only 57%. I guessed it would be higher when I made this plan, but now looking at past results in areas with similar distributions, it is not. So then if District is to be replaced with two districts, each of which would have to be about 43% black or else the ability of black people to send their candidate of choice to office is diminished.
    The other observation concerns current district 23, it is 57% black. Its black Voting Age Population could be reduced to 50.1 and this probably would not diminish the likelihood, in this case, because it is over 99% as long as over half the voters are black.

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