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HPUBC0139 – Weinbaum, Michael

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  • Congressional Redistricting Plan
  • 27 Districts
  • Complete: YES
  • Contiguous: These districts contain holes and noncontiguous geography
  • Direct Impacts: Statewide
  • Submitted to the Florida House of Representatives
  • Submitted by Michael Weinbaum of Hillsborough County

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  1. Ken says:

    This plan does not address the gerrymandering of the past for District 3, it continues it. The Orlando area needs a representative from the area, with common interests.

  2. If we refuse to gerrymander certain neighborhoods of Orlando into District 3, that will diminish the power of minority voters. That is, the likelihood that they will be able to send at least one person of choice to Washington from North and Central Florida is reduced. You must then enhance that ability elsewhere or you will run afoul of the new amendments. We are not without options. A Tallahassee-Gainesville-Jacksonville district might be able to have the same percentage of black voters, and therefore the same likelihood, as the current district. But Tallahassee is farther from Jacksonville than Pine Hills is; that district would be less compact. You could also use two districts and say that between the two of them you have just as much likelihood of electing one person. The problem with that is that each of those two districts would have to be about 42% black for the statement to be true, because the relationship between percentage of minority population and probability of a minority being elected is not linear; it is more like a bell curve that drops off quickly. There are simply not enough black people in North and Central Florida for there to be two districts at 42% each. See my comments on Plan 0111.

  3. This plan has a lot of respect for the Orlando area. With the exception of District 3, Orange County no longer shares districts with Brevard or Volusia Counties. Lake no longer shares with Polk. And South Orlando gets to share with Kissimmee right next door instead of Ocala. I’ve lived and voted in Orlando. I’ve submitted four maps previously that do not include District 3. If I was king of the world it would not be there. But I’ve learned it has to be there and I wanted to propose something that only needed minor adjustments to be compliant with our Constitution.

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