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SPUBC0154 – Obi Nweze, Adora (FL State Conference NAACP)

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  • Congressional Redistricting Plan
  • 27 Districts
  • Complete: YES
  • Contiguous: YES
  • Direct Impacts: Statewide
  • Submitted to the Florida Senate
  • Submitted by Adora Obi Nweze (FL State Conference NAACP) of Miami-Dade County

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  1. I have a few questions about this plan.

    What is the reason for your new District 21 to be so non-compact like the old one? The surrounding area is also predominantly Hispanic. You can create 60%+ Hispanic districts that are also compact.

    The same argument must be made about District 9. What is the reason for it to be so non-compact when all the surrounding areas are about the same composition ethnically?

    Your district 13 is not good either. Doctor Phillips and Celebration should be sharing its representative with Winter Garden and Mt. Dora; the same people they share their TV and radio stations with. Why should they be sharing with Lakeland when it can be avoided?

    The parts of the City of Jacksonville that aren’t included in your District 3 should be all in the same district. Why should this city be split more than once?

    Your District 6 is so poorly drawn that its center point is actually in District 3. This is not a minority access district so what is the reason for this?

    Your District 11 crosses bodies of water where there is no bridge, just like the old one. Since District 11 has never sent an African American to office, why should it be preserved this way? It seems to me that the racial language in section 1 of Amendment 6 does not cover this District, so section 2, requiring compactness, controls. Am I missing something?

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