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  • Congressional Redistricting Plan
  • 27 Districts
  • Complete: YES
  • Contiguous: YES
  • Direct Impacts: Statewide
  • Submitted by the Florida House’s Redistricting Committee
  • For more information, visit the Florida House’s 2012 Redistricting Bills, Amendments and Resources page

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  1. Jake Seymour says:

    This map sucks for the Grand Island community. You just cannot legitimately justify cutting it in half.

  2. Mike says:

    Of all the maps proposed, this one comes far closer to meeting the needs of the vast majority of voters in Florida. It provides compact and explainable Districts that fulfills the obligations of keeping communities and cities together and providing the larger cities with Representative that can meet the varying needs of those cities.

    For example, the newly drawn 3rd would reach the varying communities of Duval, Nassau, and Clay counties, which are primarily the more rural parts of those counties in addition to bringing the rural counties west of these into a one Representative seat. It maintains the minority representation as well. The coastal areas are better represented simply because they do identify with different needs. Same with the inner city of Jacksonville in their more minority based community.

    You also find the same types of “community” based Districts in Orlando, Tampa, Miami-Dade and other larger cities throughout the state. The boundaries are FAR more compact and do tie these communities together far better than other maps drawn in the past.

    Also the VRA Section 5 counties are fully addressed and other Districts will become more competitive for candidates. There is another Hispanic access District in Orange and Osceola Counties too that represents that growing part of Florida’s population.

    The reductions in split precincts, split towns, and split counties is far better than the old maps too. Even though a couple of areas are divided, that need is more to make the numbers work with the “one person, one vote” rule needed in Congressional Districts. Deviations of even 5-6 voters could easily create issues as it has been ruled that 1 or 0 population deviations MUST be done in our Congressional Districts.

    I not only commend the House Committee on this map, but fully support it and encourage others to do the same. I realize it is not perfect for everyone- no map ever will be. However, in terms of providing solid and equitable distribution of voters into districts that best represent the communities of interests needs, this map accomplishes that far better than any map drawn from either the House or Senate Committee.

  3. Mike, I have to disagree with you. Plan 9011 is better than this plan. This plan splits Lakeland and St. Augustine down their middles, and splits Jacksonville into 3 districts. Plan 9011 keeps Lakeland and St. Augustine whole (as well as Grand Island, for Mr. Seymour) and only splits Jacksonville into two districts.

  4. mike f says:

    9009 has my vote. 9005 and 9013 run close seconds.

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