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  • Congressional Redistricting Plan
  • 27 Districts
  • Complete: YES
  • Contiguous: YES
  • Direct Impacts: Statewide
  • Submitted by the Florida House’s Redistricting Committee
  • For more information, visit the Florida House’s 2012 Redistricting Bills, Amendments and Resources page

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  1. Ken says:

    5 looks like gerrymandering, aren’t we beyond that yet

    • Redistricting Committee Staff says:

      Ken, the State Constitution now prohibits the intent or result of diminishing the ability of racial or language minorities to elect a candidate of choice. District 5 is a product of following the law.

      • Ken says:

        aren’t we beyond that yet

      • Redistricting Committee Staff says:

        Ken, we have to follow the law. The Legislature can’t just treat the words in the constitution as though they are hollow. The law is the law.

      • Ken says:

        Who made the law and when, and when should it be changed. Is the District based on race? Or party? I would like to know the political stats for the proposed District 5. And I’m not sure which District Allen West is in, but I’ve heard redistricting is going to make it harder for him to get re-elected. Why isn’t his District better protected for him? Shouldn’t you be applying the same rules universally. Or is this thing really just Democrats versus Republicans? Districts should be based on common community interests and along county lines. Who cares if Districts are not exactly equal in numbers. Get it close in numbers but maintain county lines.

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