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  1. This map violates amendment 6 because it splits the Poinciana CDP of 83,000 persons into three districts. Yes, Poinciana is not a city but only because the legislature would not allow the community to vote on the issue. Had we been a city this would clearly be a violation of amendment 6

  2. Richard Ware says:

    Under this map the north west communities of Brevard County are included in a district that will be predominately in Orange County. It seems to be a problem to put the county seat of Brevard into a district that is mostly in another county. The district doesn’t even include the area of the Kennedy Space Center where a large portion of the population of N. Brevard works. This is just another instance where N. Brevard is being politically distanced from the rest of the county.

    • Thanks so much for the feedback. Brevard County is the size of more than 3 state house districts. Therefore, 3 entire and very compact districts were put into the county. However, a 4th district must leave the county due to equal population requirements. Titusville is the only complete municipality in the 4th district, therefore it’s likely that North Brevard will still yield significant influence in the district.

  3. Adrien Helm says:

    Proposed District 71 is a mess. I know about the concerns for retaining majority-minority districts, but this is a backbendy solution that defies the other requirements for geographical integrity and compactness! What is that tail of precincts running down toward Sarasota? Come on, you can do better that this!
    Tampa Bay does not coalesce communities it divides it.

    • I think you mean District 70. Federal law, Section 5 of the federal Voting Rights Act governs the fundamental design of this district. The main consideration the Committee has used to this point is to make sure that meeting the mandate of the federal VRA didn’t otherwise prevent the drawing of very compact seats that are generally adherent to county lines around the district. But the Legislature doesn’t get a free pass on complying with federal law.

  4. Nancy Hindenach says:

    The current House Redistricting Map District 76 splits Matlacha Shores and Matlacha Isles from Matlacha/Pine Island and the other western coastal communities. Pine Island, Matlacha, Matlacha Shores and Matlacha Isles are one community, Greater Pine Island, sharing local school, churches, community services, parks, post office, grocery and other support services. Suggest east boundary of District 76 extend to edge of Cape Coral North and South Spreader Stormwaterway Canals with bump-in to include Matlacha Isles in District 76. The Spreader Waterway Canals follow a geographical, political and historical boundary. The few additional voters to District 76 is negligible. The entire southern portion of District 76 already extends eastward inland to include Estero and Bonita Springs. Please do not divide our Greater Pine Island community. Thank you.

    • Dawn Shevlin says:

      Nancy – I believe the reason Matlacha Shores and Matlacha Isles are on the cutting board from our Greater Pine Island community is because you & others support changing our current district status to a new one. Currently and for many years, Pine Island, Matlacha Shores, Matlacha Isles, Cape Coral, Sanibel, Captiva and North Ft Myers share the same district. I would like to see it stay that way as Bonita & Estero are nothing like Pine Island and I fear PI will be governed by a community that knows nothing about Pine Island hence risking our current element of tranquility. This redistricting is for VOTING purposes and has nothing to do with an annexation of Pine Island to Cape Coral as so many of you have been lead to believe. The roadways available to get to Pine Island are shared with Cape Coral. That is the only way to get to our island, Pine Island Rd. PI Rd. starts in N.Ft. Myers and ends on Pine Island. As a resident of Pine Island I do not feel I will receive fair and equal representation being disconnected from the rest of our current district. Thank you. A St James Resident.

  5. Leo Amos says:

    It is fascinating to think that Cape Coral and Greater Pine Island would work together. Let me think, wasn’t it Cape Coral that sued Greater Pine Island Water Company. Gee I was the lucky one that got served by the Cape to come to court on that one.

    Wasn’t it Cape Coral that spent tons of money to run a water line to Publix to keep GPIWA from providing water even though GPIWA has for years ran water right across the publix lot.

    Isn’t it funny that the Cape wants to dump the raw storm water into our pristine Pass. And isn’t the County and everyone during the Cape over it?

    Isn’t it funny how the folks in the Cape can’t figure out how go run a city ?

    I don’t think anyone given the chance wants to share any more problems with what appears to be a really bad neighbor such as the Cape.

    It appears to me that the only common thread between us and the Cape is the road.

  6. No, thats not true. Matlacha is an intergal part of Pine Island, yet the entire eastern half of Matlacha was put in a district with Cape Coral–an especially unfortunate situation in view of the Cape’s continuous efforts to annex that area. The border between the two districts should approximate existing city borders, not the Cape’s hopes for expanding their tax base.

    • I see what you’re saying – you consider Matlacha to be part of Pine Island. Unfortunately though, Matlacha is not part of Pine Island. Matlacha is its own small island. Florida law requires that where feasible the drawing of the maps consider political and geographical boundary lines. The waterway was used as a geographical boundary line, and compactness was a consideration here too. We know that it’s not what you’ll want to hear, but technically we’ve not be presented with a legally sound argument for putting Matlacha in the other district. This issue also has nothing to do with local annexation concerns.

      • Matlacha (all of it) is an intergal part of Greater Pine Island, a Lee County sector governed by the Greater Pine Island Plan, a seperate component of the Lee County Future Land Use Plan. We have our own unique laws as to land planning, development, infastructure, building restrictions, densities, etc–all of which are in great contrast to such laws in Cape Coral. In fact, we are currently in the process of amending the Pine Island Plan to change building setback rules in Matlacha. The law requires that political boundaries also be considered, not just geographic features, and that’s not being done in this case. Please move the boundary to the east to include all of Matlacha in District 76.

  7. Nancy Hindenach says:

    Coastal District 76 and Cape Coral District 77.

    Avoid dividing Matlacha in half and separating coastal Matlacha Shores and Matlacha Isles from the rest of Greater Pine Island.

    The Florida House Redistricting Committee has drawn the boundary line between Districts 76 and 77 down through Matlacha Pass, splitting Matlacha.

    This is not a justified nor equally applied rationale: “Florida law requires that where feasible the drawing of the maps consider political and geographical boundary lines. The waterway was used as a geographical boundary line, and compactness was a consideration here too.” (Who is the author of this response?)

    The currently drawn arbitrary line respects neither geographical nor political boundaries and does not enhance compactness. Geographically, all of Greater Pine island (Pine Island, Matlacha, Matlacha Shores and Matlacha Isles) is coastal and GPI has been politcally united for decades (even more so than the new district boundaries for Estero and Bonita Springs).

    Compactness? No. Matlacha Isles, Matlacha Shores and east Matlacha walk and ride bicycles to Matlacha, something we cannot do to District 77/Cape Coral–a hardship for our residents.

  8. Leo Amos says:

    No your answer did not alleviate my response. Greater Pine Island is the terminology used to describe all areas of our land use plan. These areas include all of the Matlacha’s, such as Matlacha, Matlacha Shores and Matlacha Isles.

    Our Matlacha Fire District includes all of the above areas plus Cape Royale and it extends to Bubbs restaurant and includes the includes that the subdivision south ofPine Island Rd.

    One has to remember when Cape Coral tried to annex Cape Royale by having Representative Jeff Kottkamp introduce legislation that would annex Cape Royale. The bill showed a survey of unincorporated Lee County, without any lots on it.
    The bill passed both houses without a nay vote and was ready to be signed by the Governor. when the folks from Cape Royale found out about it. They pressured Kottkamp to pull the bill. The Cape Coral was ,ore then willing to deny Cape Royale folks due process of being heard.

    About the same time as this was going on Cape Coral was trying to put pressure on Greater Pine Island Water Association to sell Cape Royale’s membership to them. G.PI.W.A. Refuses to sell.

    This is just another reason why none of unincorporated Lee County residents wants to be any part of sharing any representatives with Cape Coral.
    But you should know that Cape Coral has been an extremely bad neighbor. I just don’t have enough time to write all the things that the Cape has pulled on us.

    Leo Amos

    • Thank you for explaining your concerns further, but again these are issues that have nothing to do with redistricting. If the Legislature had to factor in annexation concerns and land use issues into redistricting, it would be near impossible to ever finish the process. But the reality is these issues are outside the bounds of the state and federal law that govern the Legislature’s actions in redistricting.

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