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Written Suggestions: Congress

These submissions of ideas for the redistricting of Florida’s congressional map came from Florida residents via email, fax, letter, social media post, written testimony provided at public meetings, etc.  For your convenience, they are sorted by region.

Northwest Florida

Northeast and North Central Florida

Central Florida

Southeast Florida

Southwest Florida


4 Responses

  1. Mary Browning says:

    I live in Miami Beach. Why can’t the entire Beach be located in one district? We have little in common with the communities on the Mainland.

    Mary Browning

  2. Jim Roach says:

    I have reviewed the 27 congressional maps and have the following comments;

    1. The constitution of the State of Florida clearly states: “No apportionment plan or district shall be drawn with the intent to favor or disfavor a political party or an incumbent..”. With over 500,000 more voters registered as Democrats than Republicans I expected to find a similar number of congressional districts that leaned Republican and Democratic. My analysis shows that there are more Republican leaning seats than Democratic. Further, the old practice of “Packing” one party’s voters into fewer districts seems to have been used in your maps. The larger number of Republican leaning seats have an average advantage over the Democrats of 7%. The fewer number of Democratic leaning seats have an average advantage over the Republicans of 27%. This would not happen by accident. Please address how you arrived at these districts without violating the constitution of the State of Florida.
    2. The interior congressional district (12 on the Senate committee maps) shows an odd extension over to the coast near Punta Gorda, FL. This appears as if the candidate for congress living in Punta Gorda was favored in this district and avoided that particular candidate, Kreegel, from having to run against the well know incumbent Buchanan and the well know candidate from the district below 12 in Cape Coral, FL, Aubuchon. This clearly appears to violate the constitution of the State of Florida again.
    3. District 14 on the Senate committee map unfairly tilts the political scales by removing a higher Democratic area, Lehigh Acres, from the district. This changes the balance of Republican and Democratic voters in the district to be different than the average for the area and separates a community from the rest of Lee County that should be kept within.

    Please provide background on these issues.

    • Mr. Roach, your specific points above have been mistakenly directed towards the maps created by the Florida House. The comments actually pertain to the maps produced by the Florida Senate. The Florida House did not consider the political ramifications of its options for Congressional and State House maps.

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