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Written Suggestions: State House

These submissions of ideas for the redistricting of Florida’s State House map came from Florida residents via email, fax, letter, social media post, written testimony provided at public meetings, etc.  For your convenience, they are sorted by region.

Northwest Florida

Northeast and North Central Florida

Central Florida

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10 Responses

  1. Lisa Walker says:

    Currently the City of Deltona in Volusia County is divided into 4 State House districts, 2 State Senate Districts, and 2 Congressional Districts. And none of the representatives live anywhere near Deltona. Deltona needs to have representation by one representative – 1 State House District, 1 State Senate District, and 1 Congressional District. Otherwise the people of Deltona, the largest city in Volusia County, has no representation. This is required by Amendments 5 & 6.

  2. Thank you for the feedback. We will be sure to include this in the public record.


    Billie Lee Norman

  4. Charles says:

    Miami-Dade County?

    • Yeah, it’s interesting how people chose to come forward to offer ideas from different places. We did not get a lot of written testimony from Miami-Dade county residents, but we did get a lot of very substantive verbal comments at the two public meetings in Miami-Dade. We’ll be publishing more in the next few days that captures the substance of what was said at the public meetings.

  5. Central Florida (especially Polk and Osceola Counties) has seen the fastest population growth in the state over the past decade. This is especially true of the Northeastern Polk ( 4-corners and Poinciana Areas) and Nothwestern Osceola (Poinciana, Celebration) areas. Residents of these areas have a lot in common. Many are minorities, most work in Orlando Area jobs, receive newspapers and TV coverage from the Orlando area. Today they are split between multiple counties (Polk, Osceola, Lake and Orange) and covered by multiple Senate and State House Districts (41,65 and 79). The legal definitions of counties cannot be easily changed. The voting district can and need to be as a result of population growth. Every effort should be made to preserve ‘communities of interest’ attempting to keep communities within single districts wherever possible even if it crosses county lines which in fact the communities do.

  6. Neal Dunn says:

    Dear Sirs,

    Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport is a vital and integral part of the economy of Bay County. To separate it’s representation into a different House and Senate Seat is potentially very dangerous to the largest population center that it serves. Please give very serious consideration to including the ECP airport into House District 6 and Senate District 4.


    Neal Dunn

  7. Martha Eileen Feldmann says:

    please include Matlacha Isles in District mapping 76
    This keeps us within the Pine Island Comprehensive plan and the Pine Island precincts

  8. We just had to remove a post from this blog that was threatening in nature. Please do remember that this is a family friendly forum. Everyone is encouraged to express their opinions and suggestions. However, posts that are deemed to be harrassing, threatening or vulgar will be removed.

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