Public Input

A website of the Florida House of Representatives' Redistricting Committee and

Written Suggestions: State Senate

These submissions of ideas for the redistricting of Florida’s State Senate map came from Florida residents via email, fax, letter, social media post, written testimony provided at public meetings, etc.  For your convenience, they are sorted by region.

Northwest Florida

Northeast and North Central Florida

Central Florida

Southeast Florida

Southwest Florida


2 Responses

  1. J says:

    I feel that in order to truly be unbiased and truly fair to the people of Florida we must use counties and districts. Obviously some districts will have more counties than others but by far this eliminates any arguments of being racially biased or breaking up neighborhoods.

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Plan Explorer

The Plan Explorer blog site highlights partial and complete redistricting plans submitted by Florida residents to the Florida House of Representatives. The site also includes suggestions submitted in writing. The tools to the left offer several ways to search the submitted plans.

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