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Florida Senate Set to Finalize Maps

Florida Senate Set to Finalize State House, Congressional and State Senate Maps

Today, the Florida Senate is scheduled for an approximately 3:30 p.m. Session in which they are expected to concur with the state legislative and congressional redistricting maps, as approved by the Florida House on Friday, February 3.  The three maps are as follows:

State House Map: SJR 1176 (plan H000H9049)

Congressional Map: SB 1174 (plan H000C9047)

State Senate Map: SJR 1176 (plan S0009008)

To learn more about how the process evolved to this point, check out the following resources:

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Updates to Written Redistricting Plan Submissions

We’ve added written redistricting plan submissions received during this past week to this Plan Explorer blog site.  We’ve moved links to all the written submissions to the “Written Redistricting Plan Submissions” page links on the right side of this Plan Explorer blog page.  Below is what’s new this week:


State House:

State Senate:

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The Plan Explorer blog site highlights partial and complete redistricting plans submitted by Florida residents to the Florida House of Representatives. The site also includes suggestions submitted in writing. The tools to the left offer several ways to search the submitted plans.

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